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Addtional Features
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QUADRA-MOUNT- pump-motor drive system eliminates the need for special motors and pumps. The resilient mounting and unique coupling system improves drive efficiency resulting in more available, usable horsepower with less noise and vibration.
FRAMES- Heavy duty tubular frame members improve appearance and strength without increasing weight. We designed our horizontal units to be so well balanced that moving them around is a breeze,  not to mention how stable they are during transport in pickups or trailers. Our upright units require less floor space and are easily portable and serviceable

FLOAT TANKS- Talk about thinking things through. We immerse a length of copper tubing as part of the pump bypass loop into the float tank. Every time you release the gun trigger, the bypass fluid runs through the copper tubing cooling the fluid. This feature extends the life expectancy of your pump- considerably. Our float tanks and float system are removable and rust free.

WHEELS- Pneumatic tires, with tubes, make your life easier when it comes to moving equipment. The wheels have ball bearings with grease zerts.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLS- are adjustable to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. PUMPS are triplex, state of the art with ceramic plungers, oil filled crank cases, stainless valves and brass heads.

SOAP CONTROLS- are metered. Downstream injectors and adjustable pressure nozzle holders are available options.

OVER PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES- are set to operate when normal system pressure is exceeded thereby protecting the pump, coil and other parts. The released water is routed to the pump inlet so the flow sensor shuts the burner system down.

CONTROL PANEL- placement provides easy access.

AIR BLOW DOWN VALVE- is placed in the pump outlet plumbing to blow water from your pressure washer in preparing for freezing weather.

HIGH PRESSURE HOSE- is 50 feet, quick coupled wire braid and rated at 3,000 psi. Wand, nozzle and Easy Pull trigger gun are standard.

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ENGINE DRIVE UNITS- We mount the pump and engine on a channel iron base. 
The base is attached with 4 heavy duty vibration dampeners, practically eliminating overall vibration.

GROUND FAULT INTERRUPTERS- are installed on 120 vac units. Other voltages will be included when they become dependable.



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